Jewish Card Revoked: Now in HOUSE!

  • Jewish Card Revoked: Now in HOUSE!

Get ready for a SUPER funny game night with this amazing new party game! You'll get to celebrate Jewish culture by asking your family, friends, and matzah-loving dog THE most important questions in Jewish life today: What's the best guilt trip? What's the most common thing Sephardim say about Ashkenazi food? And... the most important:

Is chocolate hummus the most harmful thing Jews are facing in the 2020s?!

Enjoy this game created by a hugely diverse team of Jewish writers and editors -- you'll see multiple Jewish cultures come up in the game! Dive into hilarious questions, vote on the best answers, then debate why YOURS is best. From Broadway to bagels, this game, covers it all... and will have you debating the BIGGEST questions facing Jews today. 😉

Don't forget the snacks!

How to Play:
1) All players start with 10 points. One player reads aloud a question.
2) Players vote on best answers to multiple choice questions about Jewish culture.
3) A representative from the majority and each minority opinion take turns defending why THEIR answer is 45 seconds or less.
4) A re-vote happens. Game is majority rule!

If you disagree with the majority, you get a point deducted. But who really keeps score in party game, let's be honest.

The game brings laughs, silly debates, and funny memories to players. Jewish Card Revoked appeals to secular Jews, Orthodox Jews, Jews in between (and even tested well with non Jewish groups!). The game is family friendly.

Shipping: only $3.80 for a unit